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Registry Task
The Registry Task is used to check for the existence of a given registry key and, optionally, a value.

General Format
<Task name="RegistryTask" description="" baseKey="" key="" valueName="" value="" expandVariables="" failAsWarning="" />

  • name: specifies the task name - "RegistryTask".
  • description: (optional) specifies the text to be displayed in the Task column within the user interface (UI). If you ommit this attribute the tasks name will be used.
  • baseKey: specifies the base registry key that contains the key listed below. Valid values include:
Base Key
  • key: specifies the registry key to be verified.
  • valueName: (optional) if specified, the name of a value stored within the above key to be compared to the value attribute listed below.
  • value: (optional) if specified, this is the expected value to be compared against the value within valueName listed above.
  • expandVariables: (optional) specifies whether or not any variables within a registry value should be expanded prior to verification. If set to "yes", "true", or "1", variables will be expanded; otherwise, they will not be expanded.
  • failAsWarning: (optional) if specified, and has a value of "true", "yes", or "1", then any errors caught by this task will be treated as warnings. NOTE: This attribute can be applied to any task.
  • disabled: (optional - not shown) if specified, and has a value of "true", "yes", or "1", then this task will not be loaded and will be ignored. NOTE: This attribute can be applied to any task.
NOTE: The user account running NDiagnostics must have the required permissions to check the specified registry key/value.

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